We develop several actions to fulfill our goals. All these actions are made from the respect, but with the determination to be effective. We don’t want to criminalize brands or stars, but we aim to denounce what brands could improve, and what celebrities could do regarding this issue.


We provide news about the garment and sportswear industry, with the aim to raise awareness about the labour conditions of workers, and about business of brands operating in that market. We will also create news about each actions achieved in our campaign.

There are a lot of audio visual resources we have gathered to depict some of the problems of this industry.


We design pictures about the contrast generated by deals between celebrities and brands and the situation of many workers in the garment industry. The aim is to disseminate that information in the social media to reach the environment of those stars and also their fans. Share the pics in the social media to reinforce the message.


Individual messages via Twitter: We have sent individual messages to stars who had a deal with a textile brand (December 2016 – November 2017).

Switch: A campaign to inspire celebrities to re-change the way of endorsing brands (December 2017- December 2019).


We promote the stars who follow our 10/90 program and our Ethical Endorsement proposal. We also create press releases of every action we consider laudable for improving the quality of life of workers.


We achieve a surveillance of the money destined to improving labor conditions, with the collaboration or other organizations, syndicates, and any other people who wants to support our initiative.