If you are a star endorsing a brand, you can change the life of dozens of workers by only following our 10/90 program. You may also be a prescriber of our program and help to disseminate our mission and values to other stars. In addition, you may be an ambassador of an ethical brand.

If you are a brand endorsed by some star, you may collaborate by facilitating the donation of the star to workers.

If you are an organization, worker, syndicalist, journalist, activist…sharing our mission and values, then you may collaborate by providing relevant information about the labor conditions of workers, and (if possible) about the impact of the actions of stars following our program. 

If you are a consumer, you may prefer to support stars and brands truly concerned about the labor conditions of workers.

And everybody can help by disseminating the STARS FOR WORKERS project, by sharing links to our website, and by helping to aware society about the need and the real possibility of changing (a little) the lifes of hundreds of workers and their families. 



Stars can donate their money to the following organizations, which accepted to collaborate with us:


The Solidarity Center is a non-profit international worker rights organization that assists workers around the world who are struggling to achieve safe and healthy workplaces, family-supporting wages, social protections and a voice on the job. Most of all, the Solidarity Center assists workers around the world in building shared prosperity in the global economy and in their country.

International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF) is a human rights organization that advocates for workers globally. ILRF works with trade unions, faith-based organizations, and community groups to support workers and their families.  ILRF lead on initiatives such as making apparel factories safe in Bangladesh; stopping the exploitation of children in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan or developing labor law clinics in China.

Labour Behind the Label is a campaign that works to improve conditions and empower workers in the global garment industry. Founded in 2002, we have thirteen years of experience in awareness raising, research and lobbying in support of workers demands for improved pay and conditions. We are small but mighty in relentlessly raising the profile of garment workers who need their stories to be told.

JAAGO Foundation aims for the betterment of the nation through catering the educational needs of children from socially and economically disadvantaged background and empowering the youths along with inspiring volunteerism in Bangladesh. There is a good number of students having garment worker parents in different branches of our school.

The Awaj Foundation is the Women headed Worker rights defending National organization that assists workers  especially female workers all over Bangladesh who are struggling g to achieve  decent work, living wages, safe and healthy workplaces, Freedom of association, Trade Union rights, social protections and a voice on the job. The main driver of Awaj Foundation was formal Garments workers and most of all, the Awaj Foundation assists Garments workers over the Bangladesh in building worker rights and responsibilities and shared prosperity in economy as well. 

Asociación Mujeres Transformando (MT) was founded on July 3, 2003, and is a feminist organization that ensures the rights of women, especially the rights of women working in textile factories (“maquilas”). The Association contributes to the deconstruction of patriarchy and power relations that violate the body and life of Salvadoran women through class awareness and gender perspective. Mujeres Transformando seek to empower women to exercise the free and full right of their citizenship.