Player Total Contribution (PTC) is an index to evaluate the performance (production) of basketball players which is based only on box-score data, and it has been validated using several procedures (Martínez, 2019).

PTC = 1 PTS + 0.91 BLK + 0.58 DRB + 0.92 ORB + 0.86 STL + 0.48 AST + 0.23 FD  – 0.91 MFG – 0.57 MFT – 0.86 TOV – 0.23 PF

Where: PTS: points made; BLK: blocks made; DRB: defensive rebounds; ORB: offensive rebounds; STL: steals; AST: assists; FD: fouls drawn. MFG: missed field goals; MFT: missed free throws; TOV: turnovers; PF: personal fouls made.

Important note: Recall that PTC does not take into account the moment of the game where the actions occur. I have proposed a new way to compute the weight of each action based on estimated possesions left, score differential and time remaining (Martínez, 2019). However, the real implementation of that procedure is not available yet. 

Please, remember that this site is under construction during this 2019/20 season. I will load contents step by step in order to complete the web before the 2020/21 season starts.