For workers: A small action of a star could seriously improve the labor conditions and the quality of life of workers. If many stars collaborate, then an exponential positive effect on workers is expected. STARS FOR WORKERS is designed to empower workers, to improve their labor conditions, and to aware people about the importance of a living wage for hundreds of modest workers.

For stars: Stars are the main protagonists; they have in their hands a way to change lives. By sacrificing an important portion of the money they receive when endorsing a brand, they would obtain the personal satisfaction of being the main responsible of a dramatic improvement in the quality of life of many modest workers. In addition, they will link their personal brand to extraordinary values, such as solidarity or justice, which surely will benefit them for future deals.

For brands: Brands have to see STARS FOR WORKERS as a way of improving the labor conditions of dozens of workers without changing the price of the product and the marketing actions linked to the product.

For consumers: Consumers will be informed about the stars and the brands following our program, and they will have more information to support the stars and brands achieving actions consistent with their values

For society: STARS FOR WORKERS will help to make society aware about the importance of supporting workers. In addition, it will show society the power of small but highly valuable actions of few people (the stars) to change the life of thousands of persons (the workers).