Statements of well-known researchers, activists, journalists, practitioners and celebrities supporting Stars for Workers. Opinions stated are personal, and do not necessarily reflect the position of their employers and institutions.

Thank you for initiative in order to improve labour conditions of exploited workers. We should not stop to put pressure on politics and big corporations to guarantee a living wage for everyone.

Klaus Werner-Lobo | Author, Actor and Activist.

Co-author of “Schwarzbuch Markenfirmen” (Black book on brands)

The garment workers need your voice! The voice of justice and it is only right that we shout loudly for their rights and raise awareness for decent human rights throughout our supply chains!

Safia Minney | Social Entrepreneur and Author

Founder and Director of People Tree, the pioneering Fair Trade and sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand

In a globalized economy, binding working standards are a must. The ILO core labour norms and other conventions exist, but they are not enforceable. We need binding ethical norms for transnational corporations that include enforceable human rights and labour standards – like the UN draft norms of 2003 proposed, but did not enter in force due to opposition of powerful business lobbies. May this initiative raise awareness about a binding common good balance sheet for international companies as a precondition for trade, global sourcing and foreign investment.

Christian Felber| Author, Lecturer & Dancer

Initiator of the “Economy for the Common Good“ and the project “Bank for the Common Good”. Author of “Change everything. Creating an Economy for the Common Good”

The right to decent work and the right to a decent livelihood go hand in hand. The living wage movement is an essential driving force for human dignity and social equality. I’m an enthusiastic supporter of Stars for Workers.

Tim Jackson| Researcher and Professor

Director of the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (UK)[/su_lightbox_content]

Be a star for the people who are always in the other side of the mirror, whose endless labor does not get the proper evaluation. Your contribution can improve their condition, their life!

Korvi Rakshand | Social Entrepreneur

Founder of JAAGO Foundation. President of Volunteer for Bangladesh

If we train to be better, we should improve in every way, we can not ignore the conditions where the sports clothing is made. Your action is valuable. Worry about ethical clothing

Paloma G. López| Social Entrepreneur

CEO of The Circular Project. President of MSMAD

Stars for Workers is a very courageous initiative and, at the same time, necessary to expose to everyone the sad reality that lurks behind our clothes. It strives for a shift towards a more fair and sustainable industry

Alicia Carrasco| Journalist & Blogger

Founder and editor of the leading blog on sustainable fashion:

When a country‘s competitiveness is based on poverty wages, Development ends up being a fiction

Samuel Pérez | Professor and Writer

Professor of Economics at Lester B Pearson College at Canada. Writer in the newspaper “Prensa Libre” (Guatemala)

If you too want to help stop the abuse of labor to cheaply create sportswear, follow Stars for Workers to see how you can help

Menno Henselmans| Educator, Fitness model, Scientific Author & Online Physique Coach

Director of Bayesian Bodybuilding

Celebrities have tremendous power over people’s actions. Young people look up to them, respect them, want to be like them. If you’re a celebrity, you can choose to use that power for good. Make brands treat their workers right. Change things for the better

Marcos Vázquez | Educator, Author & Physique Coach

Founder at Fitness Revolucionario

Stars for Workers brings them the opportunity to be a star in a different and more meaninful way, helping other people like no other program has done before

Julián Felipo | Journalist and Sports Writer

Specialized in basketball at Mundo Deportivo and [/su_lightbox_content]


The power of stars is greater than they might think. Perhaps they are not aware that their involvement in social issues has a great impact worldwide. Callin on their generosity, they can make thousands of workers happier following the Stars for Workers program

Francisco González| Researcher and Professor

Department of Applied Economics at Univeristy of Granada (Spain)

It is comforting to know that initiatives like Stars for Workers are born to raise awareness about labor conditions towards a transparent fashion industry

Cristina Palacios | Designer for social change

Founder of the green pro human rights marketplace FairChanges

The global economy is built on labour. Yet the privileged have a feeling of entitlement, and see workers as merely cogs in a machinery required to improves the quality of life of those who pay their wages. Our collective wellbeing requires a complete overhaul of this relationship. Humanity is about believing that this planet is for us all. For us and our children’s children, to be shared to the full.

Shahidul Alam Photographer, Writer and Activist

Photographer, Writer and Activist (Bangladesh)

Stars for Workers is a noble initiative which could create a a major impact for workers in the garment & sportswear industry worldwide. Let’s create a change, and the change can’t happen without you.

Fabian Chen| Lecturer and Fitness Trainer

Fabian’s Health and Fitness Solutions (Singapore)

The stars have to help to light this world. Stars for workers is a great iniciative to open our eyes and to contribute to making the world a better place.

Martí Casals | Researcher and Professor

Applied Statistician and researcher in the national Research Centre Network for Epidemiology and Public Health (CIBERESP) and the Public Health Agency of Barcelona (Epidemiology Service)

The complexity of the fashion industry has a significant footprint on the exploitation of both natural resources and people. Thus, it is vital to raise awareness and to create truly transparent supply chains that could explain true cost of our clothes and help garment workers to have fair wages.

Marta Waydel | Researcher and Social Entrepreneur

Co-founder of iKLEID experimental platform combining Fashion Innovations & Sustainability

Fashion must put together ethics and aesthetics, so respecting and protecting the rights of workers is vital. We are all workers in this globalized economy, labor exploitation makes us all poorer and makes the global labor market even more precarious. Let’s do to others what we would not want them to do to us. Fashion will not have glamor as long as it does not respect the rights of workers. 

Brenda Chávez | Journalist and Writer

Author of the book “Tu consumo puede cambiar el mundo

Stars for Workers is a very good project to try to change this situation. So, if you are start, please collaborate and contribute to make a better world.

Javier Sánchez | Researcher and Professor

Department of Financial Economics at Technical University of Cartagena (Spain)